What does Porting mean?

Porting is the process of adapting the source code of a given software to make it run on another platform such as operating system. It could also mean a complete rewrite of a software in another programming language, for example an old Fortran program is rewritten in C++ to get it in state where it is easier to find maintainers.

Porting to a new operating system is similar to internationalization: all platform dependent code must be identified and generalized. The platform dependent code is outsourced in extra components or configurations, which would be the equivalent to the localization process. We could interpret code as language, the platform as cultural and geographic environment, the generalization as internationalization and new components of platform dependent code as the localizations.

What is Cuesoft offering?

We offer porting your software to and from Mac, Windows, Linux as well as development of mobile versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone or web-based versions.

Given enough time, we also port from most exotic platforms or from antique programming languages: We love a challenge!

Porting is done by our development team and in cooperation with freelance developers if some additional expertise or manpower is needed. We also work together with the software development team of our customers, dependent on their demands.