What does Localization of software mean?

Most software products use graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the interaction with users and thus lots of metaphors are introduced - e.g in icons - to help users understand its functionality. Metaphors might have different interpretations in different cultures which might cause misunderstandings or even annoyances. That's why they are are subject to thorough checking when localizing. Also the software is used in a cultural and geographic context which must be considered as well, e.g. in currency, date and address formats, in legal requirements such as invoice formats and privacy or archiving obligations.

To provide as many people in as many countries as possible with a natural and intuitive user interaction with the software, all those things must be adapted.

How can Cuesoft offer me localizations to all languages?

We do the localizations with our network of translators, graphic designers, professional speakers and other artist, developers and local partners. For each localization project we assemble a team of professionals that covers all the needs for expertise for all languages and techniques. This way we are able to offer localizations for all languages, regions and platforms. In addition we automate almost all the organizational stuff so the team members can concentrate on their core expertise.

So localization is more than just translating text. And we think it is a process where developers, translators, designers, artist should work closely together to get high quality results.