What is internationalization?

Internationalization (also known as i18n) is the process of removing all linguistic, cultural and geographic dependencies from a software or website. The result is a generalized version of the software with those dependencies outsourced in so called locales. Each language or region has a corresponding locale which needs to be adapted separately (Localization).

What is Cuesoft offering?

Cuesoft analyses your code and user interface for any linguistic, cultural and geographic dependencies as well as any other regional conventions that need consideration. This could be formats or legal requirements. Of course all third-party components that are part of user interaction - such as payment systems - need to be investigated to. Users shouldn't be confronted with a language change in the midst of some purchasing process or the like. After an extensive analysis, we provide a concept for all the necessary tasks to be done until your software is ready for a global audience. Of course its your choice whether the code adaptation is done by us or your own development team.