Software Globalization

We bring your software to new customers all around the world. Extend your target group by removing all technical and linguistic barriers that hinder potential users to enjoy your software. In other words:

Globalize it!

Cuesoft helps you in all areas of your software globalization project: internationalization, localization, porting and local marketing.


Your software is prepared for localization: We identify all dependencies on language, culture and other local conventions of the user interactions in your source code. Those will be outsourced for each language and region so the user will be able to choose them for himself.


We provide localization for all targeted languages and regions. This way, you take care of all characteristics and sensibilities of your new larger, international target group. Result: users are interacting with your product in a familiar context which should yield to a better overall user satisfaction. And satisfied users are the best way to widen a products distribution.


We bring your software to all the platforms you need it to run on: Desktop, Mobile, Web or on more than one in a cross-platform manner.We offer porting software between operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, Linux Android, iOS or between programming language like a Fortran to C++ or Matlab porting.

Local Marketing

Need a regional advertising campaign with a local agency or new local distribution channels? Cuesoft supports you finding all the local partners you need for successfully market your software in a specific region.

Top 10 Languages on the Web

Statistic 2011 - User in millions
Language Number of Users in millions
English 565.0
Chinese 510.0
Spanish 165.0
Japanese 99.2
Portuguese 82.6
German 75.4
Arabic 65.4
French 59.8
Russian 59.7
Korean 39.4