Your products - globally usable

The global availability and effectiveness of good products is our mission. We work as mediator and link between languages and cultures, considering the diversity of which as an enrichment rather than a limitation. The wide-spread cultures of global users requires a wide-ranging team cooperating across disciplines and national borders. Such teams will be gathered according to the requested tasks and projects. They reflect the individuality of our clients and the diversity of their putative customers, linked in harmony by Cuesoft.

Our approach is to make your products and your company understood in all languages within your global target group. For this purpose we convert your digital information and your software by paying tactful attention to the language and to the cultural pecularities of each addressed country. Our common goal will be to approach your putative customers respectfully in order to secure positive feelings for your company.

Which digital information will be internationalized ?

In order to be understood, we translate your

into the requested languages and adjust them to the target countries. This will also support your local sales partners with respect to the presentation of your products.

In addition, we offer an automatization of repeating translation and localization processes. Your data banks or processes will be linked by individual interfaces to our online translation service, which will relieve repeating translation tasks as for example updates of descriptions of commodities in web shops or in product catalogues.

Your advantage

You can by yourself distribute information about your company and products to (putative) customers, marketing partners, collaborators and multipliers (like media or bloggers). The central contact will be your Web site offered in several languages. In such a way your (putative) customer can absorb your information in his own language and need not trying other web sites if he cannot or does not like to read English. The multiplication effect in the Web will proceed simultaneously in several languages, increasing the audience enormously.

The more information you present and the better your products will be understood, the less you have to worry about the support in new languages. If you offer your support in many languages you can supply your support collaborators with information in their own language. If you need an adjustment of your Helpdesk software, we will be glad to help out.

Further Services