Cuesoft GmbH

Cuesoft is offering individual software solutions of any kind. Our speciality is globalization of exisitng software in a most convenient way for our customers: We provide a full range of services for any software globalization project, from internationalization and localization to Porting to Local Marketing. We also offer implementing our customer's ideas in global and cross-platform software.

We are a young german-peruvian team that is highly motivated and ready for new challenges, which we truly love. For us its fun to dive into most exotic technologies or ancient programming languages, or organizing translators for rarely spoken languages.

Our office is located in sunny Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), which is - by the way - a wonderful place to work as a software developer .

Our Motivation

We believe in cross-platform userspace executable software, that is multilingual and barrier free. Why? Because there should be no barriers between great software and its potential users. Whether the barriers are technical ('I want to use that software on Windows, even if you think I should get a Mac'), cultural ('no puedo understood this english UIs') or on the user's side ('sorry, but I am motorically handicapped and any unnecessary click affects my productivity').

In our opinion, software should be usable by any user and anywhere on the globe. We have this in mind while developing software and we hope to convince our customers of it, too.

How we work

The essence of our work is a maximum degree of automatization of tasks best done by computers to provide highest quality translations from human translators, within acceptable timeframes at reasonable rates.

In software development we use agile processes, always appreciating the benefits of automatization on all levels. Thus we know the benefits of freeing humans from boring mechanical task and give them time to be creative.

In combination with our networks of freelance developers and translators, we aim to provide convenient full service for any globalization project, whether this is internationalization, localization or porting only, or any combination of it.

In addition, we use our translators' network to communicate with local partners in almost any language, if our customers need local marketing or legal advice. We organize this for you.